Saturday, March 10, 2007

What’s up with me? I love more bandwidth!

Downloader loves more bandwidth!

OK guys! My new job is downloading. I’ve called my new office “My Download Center”! Cause I usually keep trying to make the computers do better downloading from the net. Optimizing TCP/IP and network settings to reach the best performance of downloading, prioritize and scheduling downloads are needed to use up 100% of total 24x7 network bandwidth. I’m not a download greedy but it’s a part of my business to have need to large amount of data from the world’s most recent academic publishers. I’m going to feed Iranian people(especially higher education students) with worthful information and it seems to be a very profitable business as I see they are thirst of new information. To do the best in business, my co-workers will join me in two months.

An screenshot of my computer desktop while downloading

Back to English Classes at Pishro
I’m back to English classes at Pishro language academy after near two months. The classes are good and funny and I learn a lot every session though my level of English seems to be much better than the rest of class. The good point is that the teachers (Mrs. Ehsanzadeh / Mr. Moosazadeh) let me more to talk.
The English classes are very considerable in this blog and even in my life since they were as my starting point to write in English and this blogging. When my previous term teacher miss Hadjilou asked us to bring a writing each session, it gave me more confidence to do that in a broader area and publish my writings on internet. She was a very good, honorable teacher, thanks to him.
Please excuse my bad English, I’m still learning.

Nokia N72 was supposed to bring new life!
After getting rid of that tiny SE k310, I arranged to get a new Nokia N72 to more digitalize my life. But after just a few days, it turned to be the most amazing portable game console I’ve ever had. There are hundreds of games on my phone and I’m still involved to make better records and discover new levels. LOL.

At the end of this post, I'd like to appreciate Blogs by Iranians and Jerusalem Post newspaper for linking my weblog.