Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Independent Ahmad: Life is changing

I do not like to write too much about myself, as I think you do not like read such things too much. But I feel I need to write somewhat about what is going on with me. It makes me peaceful.
I’m going on to make a big difference in my life and leaving my father’s house in two months after 21 years living with them. Hmmm… really amazing, total independence by living by myself. I’m really looking forward for that day.
From now on I’ll keep myself busy with studying. I have some important and vital examinations in January. I’m looking at them as barriers because they always been as impediments in my mind and life whenever I had to make up my mind for an important change in life. I just decided to face the problems and dominate them. So I have to study at least 12 hours each day in two coming months. I’ll also have a little time everyday to spend on the net as I used to have. And the same for my English learning, because the time is limited and I’m doubtful about participating to the class for the next term but I’ll probably do it in spite of the fact that I’ll don’t have to work in home for that.
Beside the fact that studying hard like this for examinations causes missing of very things but I think it saves the time, because you have to restrict yourself in a specific template and give up some awkward habits such as spending much for leisure and unnecessary activities. It also makes you more productive as you discover the worthfulness of time. In other hands I really enjoy studying materials such as mathematics, geometry and logics as they really cause your mind working and thinking deeply and take you to challenges.
That’s why I would like to have exams everyday to stay productive.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Independent Ahmad: feeling sad is not a sin

Tonight is a cold one, really cold. Frosty and blue at 10:45. I brought myself home as fast as possible after language class finished at 7:30. today my cell phone rung more than everyday. It was showing 15 missed calls since I haven’t like to answer a call today. As I stepped home, it rung once more and I decided to answer; Mrs. Khalaj, are you still looking for an office? I replied: thank you, but I’m not on a budget right now.
I hated being busy, being busy is seductive. It grabs you most of the fun. That’s why I always was being tried to be independent in my life. I sacrificed everything for being independent, my work, my school, my time, my future and even my life. I didn’t get anything major, but I can make up my mind to travel to north or south of the country at the moment.
I’m really feeling sad, something is killing me. Duality, I always was being wrestling with dualities in my life, duality in everything, beliefs, chores, choosing people, jobs, ways and etc but I always used to try missing nothing.
I’m a sad one, because I have tasted the flavor of a deep failure once more in my life. Several failures in things which are tied to your being, one after another, in years; you feel the paradise as a hell, maybe Tartarus.
Yesterday I was in Tehran. Showing up in a friendly meeting with my friends who mostly been website owners. The meeting was holden on to talk about problems and issues about Iranian websites and to take a unique approach to handle hard situations. After the meeting, I stayed behind with some of my colleague friends and had some chats. I resigned from all of my positions and affairs. I told them that I’ll be very busy in coming year and my life is changed as I applied for some abroad universities.
But there isn’t so much chance for a man like me who lives on a shoestring to do something major in short time but I have hopes.
It is crystal clear to me for what to do. But I’m doing nothing or at least the right thing and this is what annoying me.

This blog is not just belonged to class activities as it did. The language classes are almost finished and we are approaching to the end of the term. It was my second term studying English at Pishro Language Academy and also the best one. I feel massive improvements in my English but not still content with it at all. After this term I don’t like to stay in my home city Arak any more and loving to go abroad.
From now on, the posts titled with “Independent Ahmad” are about myself. I call my new personality and attitude “Independent Ahmad” which is the third Ahmad. The first Ahmad died after 18 years living and the second one died after 2 years at age 21. Now the third Ahmad is formed since three months ago and still improving.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The leaning tower of Pisa

Language Class Activity 5

I chose the leaning tower of Pisa to write about. What a good choice, since it caused me to know everything about Pisa, Italy. I wish someday to be there.

The leaning tower of Pisa is one of the glittering masterworks of Romanesque style architecture in Europe. The tower is originally a campanile adjacent to three buildings, but its bell never rung. During the construction of the structure an unexpected problem caused it to stretch for more than 200 years with some long-term interruptions/halts. It started to sink into the soft soil from one side and the tower began to tilt more and more every year. It is said that the lean to be increasing at a rate of about 1mm per year and at its summit it was about 5 meters tilts from the vertical.
Although the structure is glorious, but it is mostly renowned for its marked tilt. It is known to the most of the people in the world as a leaning tower and maybe it’s tended to be obscure the fact that it is also a magnificent Romanesque style architecture. In the past it was widely believed that the inclination of the Tower was part of the project ever since it’s beginning, but now we know that it is not so.
The eight story round tower is 55 meters tall consisting of a ground floor and six additional stairs with open galleries with round arches supported on columns. At the top of the tower there is the bell chamber which is somewhat smaller in diameter to other stories. 294 spiral staircases are leading to the bell chamber. The famous physicist Galileo did his experiments about gravity and relative speed of falling objects from this chamber. The exterior is adorned by fine marbles and excellent carved work. The doorway which is especially ornate, featured with grotesque carving of animals.
In a process of conservation in 1992 the tower closed to the public. City officials have initiated a bold plan to attempt to counter the lean of the structure and prevent the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling with very advanced methodologies.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Friends forever

Language Class Activity 4
Today class activity is a short story. Writing this story took me more than 4 hours. I hadn't ever to write a story and this is the first one. I have tried my best, hope you enjoy it.

It was the dawn of the fall, the first day of school at the most beautiful school of the city. The first year students were coming to school with their parents, some were happy, some were amazed and some were crying while trying to not separate from their parents. But between the mass of the students there were three students which later, this day became their first day of their life-long friendship relation. Majid, Said and Ashkan were the students of class C grade one.
One day Majid noticed that Said and Ashkan are contesting outside of the school, because Ashkan was thinking that Said inkied his notebook. Majid tried to make peace between them and this adventure was as a starting point of their deep friendship.
After finishing the years in elementary school, they went to the talent’s school, where they were the most successful students and also the closest students in the school. Finally, the years of high school were elapsed and it was the day of graduation. They were feeling astonished, one side there were feeling happy because of their graduation ceremony and on the other side, they were feeling grief when recalling the happy days they had been spent together in the school which were finished.
After ceremony finished, they decided to have their last walk in the beautiful, green campus of the school. But this time unlike always, they had a feel of amazement. Said was telling nothing, and just had to stare everywhere his eyes turn, resembling if the point by point of the corpus is familiar to him. Majid broke the silence and said: I’m thinking to the future like you, a future which everything can be possible to happen. It may be each one of us has to choose a different way, completely different from the others. It may be each one of us has to go to a far off point in the world and couldn’t have chance to meet each other for the years.
Ashkan suddenly interrupted Majid and said: Let’s have a pledge in this beautiful corpus filled with lots of unforgettable memories to stay friends forever. Said continued: good idea, ever it is worthy if we set aside a specific day of year to our friendship, so all ever at anywhere, at that day we would have an appointment to meet each other.
Ashkan warmly pleased with this proposal and said: wonderful, this way we never forget each other.
Said suddenly noticed to Majid, which was staring at a point, thinking hardly. “What do you think of that Majid?” asked Said.
Majid suddenly shocked, looks like waking up from a heavy profound sleep. He mumbled: you know…, good idea…, that’s right but…, but you know… in my viewpoint it’s not necessary to meet each other every year, we can stay friends from afar. Even it is not at all related to being far or not. Saying “being far, being close”. Just our hearts should be close to. Tell me, how many years do you think we can stay friends from afar?
Said said: as deeper of our friendship as longer we stay friends. Forever, I’m sure, Ashkan shouted.
Three friends fell into thinking for a few moments, after a while Majid broke into unexpectedly and said: “How do you think if we give it a try?” after gazing for some moments, Majid and Said shook their hands as a sign of confirmation.
Majid continued: “How about 20 years?”
“20 years later, at this day, at this time and at this place.” Ashkan confirmed.
Twenty years spent and three friends as they were vowed, kept afar from each other on their own way. It was the appointment day; they were keeping counting seconds to that moment from months ago, when they first looked each other, teardrops were pouring from their eyes. It was a wonderful, indescribable feeling that was dominating them. They were not able to believe that they are the same friends as 20 years ago. They were feeling full of pride and delighting.
Now Majid was one of the best university professors at Harvard, Said was a co-founder and manager of a big communication company and Ashkan was an outstanding chemist.
Three friends were in the campus, resting on the trees which were reminders of their years at school.
Ashkan said: we were not away from each other over these years, I hadn’t a feel of missing you even for a moment, but I always had keeping a passion to meet you again.
Said continued: I beholden all of my prosperities to this friendship. Over these years, everything that I was achieving and each stair I was gaining, you unexpectedly were resembling to me and it always was giving me motivations.
Majid said: we are friends forever; an experience of these years showed us that while our hearts are close, nothing can make us divided. We each other went to a separate way and maybe if we were just three strangers who incidentally came together, we couldn’t find any similar points to keep us together. But our hearts are close and we will stay together forever.