Friday, June 01, 2007

How did I find 100 good friends in just one day!?

There is no tips, no tricks on how to attract people or make friends!
The story started when I decided to find a new way to advertise people. Yesterday, after spending about two weeks of a retail website, I felt that the rate of sales is too low at my site and people need to become acquainted with my website. As I always hated email advertising and spamming, I thought of a friendlier way of sending emails and since the best way of communicating to people is to talk about their interests and as people are always interested in to others read what they are writing at their websites and weblogs, and as … and as … and as I’ve never thought about some of these “As ases”… I started programming.
I wrote a spider program which its job is to crawl people’s webs. The program which has been written in PHP language, crawls targeted people’s websites or weblogs and collect their address, email and a bit of text about what they are writing about.
After running the program for about 2 hrs, the program has been collected about 1200 records in the database. At that time, writing of mailer program was almost finished, this program is intended to send mails to the people using the database records. Since it was late at that time, I left the programs runnig together, one collecting and one mailing and I went home.
Today morning, when I came to the office I really shocked! My mailbox was stuffed with messages from people saying: “Thank you for reading my web, you are so kind offering me accommodations. I also visited your entire website and it was wonderful…”
After I opened my IM program, shortly people started to send me messages, mostly friendly and thanksgiving messages. Some guys putted my link on their web and one designed a few banners for my site. There were also some troublesome situations when they were asking for example: “How did you see my web?” It wasn’t actually a serious problem with my search tool which helps to locate their addresses in a few seconds by searching their name or mail address.The Search Console

In comparison with yesterday I think the quantity of orders increased about 40% even though today was a holiday.
I don’t know this kind of marketing is right or not but I always tried to obey all moral things. I’ve never lied or wrote something wrong in my emails( for example I wrote I like your weblog as I actually like all people’s weblogs and I never wrote I’ve read your weblog) and I’ve always honored to people.
Morals are always the most important concepts to me.