Friday, December 22, 2006

Beautiful Yalda is falling out my time

Tonight is a special one because of a special guest; Yalda night has brought joy and happiness to Iranian homes. Yalda is the longest night of the year that Iranian people celebrates it together with happiness and traditional customs from ancient. However I’m not going to write about Yalda (Shabe Chelle in casual language) as you can find much about that by just a googling on it, but in addition, just know that Yalda is also a girl’s name in Persian. I don’t know who made all the beautiful things feminine or putted all the beautiful names to girls. [They were instinctively right!]
At 7 pm in Yalda night, my sister called me:
Sister: We are in grandpa’s home, come here, we are waiting for you.
Me: I’m in short of time, you know, I’ve already told you that I don’t go anywhere.
Sister: Grandpa and Grandma are asking about you, they’re gonna to be unhappy if you don’t come. Come for dinner and go back early.
Me: Give my deep apologizes to them and explain my situation. I would lose in my exams if I miss these hours.
Sister: How can you tell this while you were asleep all the morning!?
Me: I was asleep all the morning because I stayed up all the night studying. Now I’m in the mood of studying and I want to keep it. I’ll go home when I was tired, maybe at midnight. So, tell me, do you know what is the limit of an n-gon when n approaches infinity?
Customs are very good, but sometimes they come in awkwardly, especially when you can not avoid them. Some customs are very strong here, like Yalda and holiday of Nowrooz. I have never could benefit these times to do something productive because if you try to do you have to swim against the river flow.
Lets come back again to Yalda, one of the customs is to eat some watermelons in this night, it’s used to believe that if you eat watermelon in Yalda, you don’t get thirsty in next summer, so still people buy and eat Yaldamelons. Look what message one of my friends sent me: “You are so handsome, you are so attractive. This is your watermelon for Yalda!!”
If you havn’t got it, just consider the old Persian proverb “Putting watermelon to somebody’s armpit (Hendevane zire baghale kasi gozashtan)”. You put watermelon to somebody’s armpit when you cheat or lie him.
The oldest Yalda I can remember comes back to when I was 5 years old. I remember when my mother told me it’s the time to go to bed, I replied: “Mother, tonight is the longest one, we have too much time tonight enough to stay up more.” I used to believe that the night is as long as a week or maybe a month! And when my mother told me that it may be longer just for a minute, I thought foolish.
It would be great if the Yalda could be the night that I could study same as I study in a week or month if it cannot be as long as a week or month!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Independent Ahmad: Under Pressure

What I am feeling like these days can be best described by this picture:

Yes, that’s me. But of course there are much more burden on me. It is killing me. It is hard to me to stand this massive burden any more. But I think I should keep them on me or lose all of them. I don’t want to lose all of them because they are too worthful to me and are the only things I have got in my life.

Also this picture is very descriptive about me.

I have to read all of these papers bud I don’t know how and from which one should I start.

I sometimes have to do something similar to this:

These days I feel stressed out, full of anxiety and worry. Especially when thinking about future in nights when I’m not doing something. But I’m funny, hopeful and do not take things so hard. I do my best(worst) everyday.
Something else: kill you Araki guys. If I don’t leave this hell city shortly, I’m going to kill myself.