Sunday, April 29, 2007

Alone night trip to mountain

It's sharp 9 in the pm. I'm going to do something different from routines. Going to calm mountains in the night alone without anything, just with my cellphone(to take some photos) and a pocket of cigarettes. Anything may happen to me, maybe I didn't come back because there are lots of threats at this time on the dark mountains, bad guys or maybe I became a greasy bit of a wolf or crazy wild dog. That's also thunder storming, maybe one of that lightnings killed me. BUT this is not the passion of a depressed one who is thinking on to commit a suicide. I just want to challenge myself, maybe I found what's I'm looking for on my life in the dark mountain.
I'm going to come back at 12, and then I will write what's happened to me with the photos.
Until that...

An awkward silence in the mountain

I’m back at 11:30, everything was well and actually there was no threat. I’m just feeling fresh with a lot of energy and also a stuffed head! because of the climate. The only bad thing was the heavy storm, especially at the peak.
On the way of mountain, there are two railways and after that there is a hill which leads to the city ring road. Near the hill I noticed that some junkies are in action along a flame. I just passed them and arrived the mountain. On the mount I followed the blind roads, passed one mount after another. Finally I reached the sixth peak, where it was the highest spot in the area and there was no higher mount in the radius of one kilometer. At first, I expected to see guys especially junkies on the way, but after climbing two months, I was sure that there is no one on the month but me, actually there was no one as crazy as me to do that! And there was amazing bits of time there, an awkward silence in the mount with the only sound of wind reverberating through the stones and the beautiful view of the city at night from the mountain.
I really enjoyed sitting for some moments there on rocks below the moonlight which was shining faintly behind the clouds and thinking lonely for myself.
On the way back I lost the blind road for a while and I had to go through the rocks and stones in darkness, and the bad point to me was that I didn’t have sneakers to run easily on slopes. I need to buy new shoes tomorrow.


A view of the city from the mountain

My flag at the highest point of the mount peak!

A view of the city ring road on the way back.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Feeds for practicing mnemonics

If you are new to the term “mnemonics”, in shorthand, mnemonic is a device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering. You may have used this many times in school or college without even hearing the term, but the fact is that mnemonics is a good and reliable memory aid, people who have super-power memories they all have use of a kind of mnemonics. According to wikipedia “Mnemonics rely not only on repetition to remember facts, but also on associations between easy-to-remember information and to be remembered lists of data, based on the principle that the human mind much more easily remembers data attached to spatial, personal, or otherwise meaningful information than that occurring in meaningless sequences.”
If you are a newbie in mnemonics (like me) you need a lot of feeds everyday to get through. The best feed for practicing mnemonics in first levels is the random list of items. I searched on the net for these lists and navigated through several websites, but I was unable to find a becoming source; so I came up with a new way using Google Sets and Shuffler tool to generate unlimited lists of different items. Suppose that you want to generate a list, containing names of animals, vehicles, foods, clothes, countries, shapes and music instruments. First you need to go to Google Sets and create sets of items from animals, vehicles, foods, clothes, countries and shapes. Then just copy and paste sets from your browser window to shuffler tool and click the “Shuffle Items”. That’s it! You have the long list in less than two minutes. I strongly recommend that you do not try to make the lists just using your mind, because words coming from your mind are usually words that your mind considers several times everyday and they are very common words including objects around you and this is not a good challenge. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to always use an external source to make lists of items for practicing mnemonics.
Mnemonics are brain boosters, consider memorizing list of items as exercises to your brain and a good challenge. While physical exercises develop muscular strength and agility, mental exercises develop your brain performance. Don’t let neurons being idle! Strength and use up these workhorses in right way and continue smoking!
By the way, I’ve memorized two lists of fifty items today, who wants to challenge me?