Saturday, May 19, 2007

Educate your mind into believing certain goals

Today I found a nifty program that can be useful for people who work regularly with their computer. Brain Bullet is a program which displays selected messages called "affirmations" onto your computer display repeatedly and quickly. Researches show that this affect your unconscious mind to believe things and is very effective.

So what is Brain Bullet?

Brain Bullet! is an application designed for Microsoft Windows, that sits in the "system tray" and flashes pre-selected "affirmations" at defined intervals on the screen, to "re-educate" your mind into believing it has the ability to achieve certain goals and ambitions.
Based upon research into subliminal programming, the application delivers affirmations to you faster than your conscious mind is aware of them. This enables the instructions to be sent directly to your subconscious mind (the part of your mind that holds its core beliefs, and "processes" information from the outside world automatically), and act upon them - without any conscious awareness.
The result is the ability to reshape your mind, your abilities, your beliefs and your skill-set... Without the need to consciously practice them, meditate, think positively, or subscribe to any other self-development philosophy that may demand years of your life before any tangible results surface.
Instead, this software makes use of the time you already spend using your computer and turns every minute into an opportunity to drive you toward achieving your goals... fast, realistically and effortlessly. Just hit a few buttons, and let the software work its magic!

If you want to try out this free program(worths), I've uploaded it here!