Friday, March 19, 2010

GPS (OziExplorer) map of Delhi, India

Tired of searching for GPS map of Delhi and found nothing? It’s also happened to me and after long time searching and browsing several websites and forums to find a detailed map of New Delhi, the result was really disappointing, I even was not able to find a basic map of this piece of world. Indians always prefer to sell you things rather than to give free and this will become evident to you after seeing all search results on “India gps map” and similar are pointing to commercial products like mapmyindia and etc.

I have created a map for Delhi, covering all urban areas of Delhi and New Delhi. The map does not cover nearby areas like Gurgaon and Faridabad, because my photon+ wireless device which is currently the only internet link for me in Delhi, has a bandwidth limit and downloading maps consume so much bandwidth.
The map is originally based on “Yahoo! Maps India”, as I found them more detailed than Google Maps for cities of Inida. The map has created and optimized for OziExplorer and OziExplorer CE devices (.ozf2 and .map files) and so accurate.

To download the map, click here.

I will also create maps for other cities of India like Mumbai, Agra and Kolkata as I go there.