Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Folk Story: "Shangool & Mangool"

The story called “Shangool, Mangool and Habbe-ye angoor” is a popular folk story told to the children in Iran. It’s the story of a wolf that wants to enter to the home of a goat, which has three lambs, Shangool, Mangool and Habbe-ye angoor. The lambs are so delicious to the wolf, and once he tries to cheat the lambs to open the door while the absence of their mother. He knocks on their door and while imitating their mothers voice, he says, open the door, I’m your mother. He even makes his skin white, and show it from behind the door to cheat them.
The story is so popular in Iran and almost all the people have heard it once in their childhood. Many of today’s parents still keep telling this story to their children and because of the nature of folk stories there are many versions of it with minor or sometimes major changes in it. But all of them explain the one story, “Shangoul o Mangoulo o habeAngour”.


Looks like stupid lambs - you know, children today are different from us when we were child -- because of todays mass media, TV, Internet, children's magazine, they now so much about everything, maybe when they hear this story, they would say: "What stupid lambs, I would call police if I was in their shoes"!!!

Image is originally taken from a cartoon, exposed in a police exhibition in Iran.


Anonymous said...

hahha OMG i cant believe my name is shangool :)

Anonymous said...

My grandma used to tell us that story, and I tried to tell it to my daughter but I can't remember the details very well. Is there a web site with all these old classical stories? Thanks.

Ahmad said...

Hi, are you an English speaker? Although I don't know from where this story has been originated, but I found it in some story books of children which are in Farsi and I think needs translation for you. Maybe it's already been translated and if you seriously look for it may be I can search it for you.

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