Friday, July 13, 2007

How to use Paltalk in restricted countries

I love Paltalk. It’s the best voice chat and virtual live community I’ve ever seen. It’s a really living community across the world and there are many people who cannot live without Paltalk as it’s their only place to really socialize and interact with friends.
Unfortunately the Paltalk’s policy is not as good as its community and maybe they are way out. I previously mentioned [In 2005] some instruction in how to remove annoying, forced ads from Paltalk. But todays, the free access to Paltalk rooms is a subject of trouble for people who are from Middle East countries especially Iran. They’ve recently in an ungently discriminating action, forced users from these countries to get premium accounts to access Paltalk rooms. Maybe they’ve forgotten that these people are a part of Paltalk’s virtual community and they shouldn’t be sorted out from the rest of community because they are only from specific countries.
So let’s look at in how to cope this limitation if you are affected by that:
(Here is only the method I came up with and you may use other methods such as using VPN connections.)

  1. Download, install and run a program that lets you connect through a proxy server or connect directly to a proxy server. I recommend to use GPass.
  2. Download, install and run SocksCap.
  3. In SocksCap, click on the “New” button, and browse to the Paltalk’s installation path and select Paltalk.exe.
  4. From the file menu in SocksCap, point to Settings and set its Socks server to and port to 8000. Select Socks version 5 as in the following picture:

  5. Now if everything has done well, you only need to open and connect to Paltalk. Enjoy!

I’m not responsible or care of for any issues that use of this method may cause for you. I just shared the way in how to connect freely to Paltalk. Please do not use this method if you think that it’s not your definitive right.


Hardy Chen said...

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Hardy Chen said...

Ok. This is my email :

Thank you for exchanging link with me.

Gabriel said...

I like your blog, perhaps you would be interested in the artiole in my blog about the move by George Bush to have the Iranian Revolutionary Guard declared to be a 'terrorist' organisation.
Greetings to everyoen in Iran from Ireland, I visited Tehran on an academic visit in 1998. Gabriel in County Kerry Ireland

fariba said...

really Tanx, It worked.

nocster said...

I tried this but it isn't working for me. Can you tell me what settings I need to enter for the GPass program?

Nem said...

Hey big thanks for for the guide

but it's stopped working since last night, its either my isp banning Gpass or Paltalk.
got any suggestion?!

YrLoVe143 said...

1st of all salam,
how r u bro!i really appericiate it the way u worked up on paltalk,,yea u r 100%right,that we have alot of friends n our life stucks on paltalk!
2ndly am also in kuwait and its really hats of to you the way u told us on ur blog how to sign in!but un4tunantely bro,,paltalk will find out this socks thing also n they will ban it again:(,,i hopw u will keep updating everything!my best wishes wid ya!and keep us coming online again n again at paltalk!thank u very much again!but 1 thing more bro,,i shuild have to download gpass also an exe file?I already did that!..but i just wanna ask,if i wont do that will paltalk gonna work?plzz do keep updating wid pplz question!we all paltalk pplz really need person like u!hats off again to u!thanks alot again !!!bye

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Merlin said...

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Vinny said...

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Anonymous said...

i am bot that much aware of computer i will request if some one make paltalk working process more simplified for me.

Muhammad Abdullah said...

contact me if you can help

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