Sunday, October 28, 2007

Got rank 5 on the google

The biggest step blog have recently got pagerank 5 out of 10 on the google. The Pagerank™ is the Google’s measure of the importance of a webpage on the internet. The pagerank 5 shows that this weblog stands at the upper spot than more than 70% of the weblogs worldwide. And it seems to be a good spot. Also the referral logs from the search engines show that this weblog has been a good source for people who were looking for information for their researches and studies as follow:
Helped hundreds of people from Middle East countries to connect to Paltalk.
Helped hundreds of people who were researching for marriage traditions in Iran.
Helped people who were looking for information about Iranian traditions like Yalda.
Helped many people who were looking for Mnemonics on the net.
Helped people who were researching about the leaning tower of Pisa and the biography of popular singer Enrique Iglesias.
And much more as like “Friends Forever” short story and etc.
These are all motivate me more than ever to dedicate more time at this blog and to try to do better posts. My main problem on this is the language problem and unfortunately there is no one to guide me and correct my mistakes. The language classes weren’t the cure and I haven’t improved even a bit since last year. Since one year ago, I’ve passed three language courses, the first one which was the starting point of this blog was really wonderful but in the second and third courses I forgot my previous knowledge rather than learning! With regards to that guy who instructed me perfectly on these courses, after that I looked for another language institutes. But there wasn’t any better place in the sucking city Arak. Today I took part in a class in the Kish language institute and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Maybe I show up at this class if they change the days of the class to odd days because I’m going to another language class at my old institute. This class is a good one with the last year’s teacher miss hajilou, although she is a good teacher but I think the classes are not as functional as it was previously, she spend most of the time explaining grammatical points, playing listening tapes and we don’t have opportunity to talk and practice English. I don’t know what’s the problem with me that I feel down nowadays. Maybe it’s because of the very bad days I had in last six months and I often feel depressed during these bad days.

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